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I like...
  • Video games (L4D, Zelda, Halo, Mass Effect 1&2, CoD, etc.)
  • DnD (3.5e favorite class is either artificer, wizard, duskblade, or sorcerer. 4e favorite class is cleric)
  • Reading (primarily fantasy novels; like LotR, RA Salvatore)
  • Thinking up new DnD characters (mostly 3.5 b/c it's easier to access and I have a better understanding of it)
  • Faith ((please don't judge me just b/c i'm a Christian) doing what I feel/think/know God wants me to do)
  • Doing math (I have a good understanding of Calculus)
I don't like...
  • ignorance (I try to understand something fully before making any sort of judgement)
  • misplaced or misunderstood use of words (for example; retard-to make slow, delay; I hate the phrase 'You're a retard!')
Goals in this wiki
  • add a couple of classes or spells
  • edit/improve this wiki in general
  • help out in whatever way possible

My favorite pages

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