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Would like to '''delete all my pages''' at this site. You can find my deleted work [ here].
You can find my work on the [ neowiki dnd].
=Yet to be deleted=
*[[Star Ship, Fighter (3.5e Monster)]]
*[[User:Franken Kesey/Star Ship in a Box (3.5e Equipment)]]
*[[User:Franken Kesey/Vroon (3.5e Race)]]
*[[User:Franken Kesey/Complete Xeno (3.5e Sourcebook)/Uongo-mijusi]]
*[[User:Franken Kesey/Sith/ Jedi (3.5e Class)]]
*[[User:Franken Kesey/Viveka Spectre (3.5e Prestige Class)]](previously called the Nahlasit)
*[[Hothead (3.5e Feat)]]
:*[[Improved Hothead (3.5e Feat)]]
::*[[Greater Hothead (3.5e Feat)]]
*[[User:Franken Kesey/Icy Resilience (3.5e Feat)]]
*[[User:Franken Kesey/Gas Mask (3.5e Equipment)]]
*[[User:Franken Kesey/Uzi (3.5e Equipment)]]
*[[User:Franken Kesey/The Joker (3.5e NPC)]]
*[[User:Franken Kesey/Zatoichi (3.5e NPC)]]
*[[User:Franken Kesey/Star Ship, Drone (3.5e Monster)]]
*[[User:Franken Kesey/Star Ship, Stealth (3.5e Monster)]]
*[[User:Franken Kesey/Star Ship, Destroyer (3.5e Monster)]]
*[[User:Franken Kesey/Star Ship, Cites (3.5e Environment)]]
*[[User:Franken Kesey/Star Ship, Transport (3.5e Monster)]]
*[[User:Franken Kesey/Star Ship, Gun Ship (3.5e Monster)]]
*[[User:Franken Kesey/Star Ship, Battle Ship (3.5e Monster)]]
*[[User:Franken Kesey/Uongo-mijusi (3.5e Race)]]
*[[Vehicle (3.5e Subtype)]]

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You can find my work on the neowiki dnd.

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