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August 16, 2009

Err.. Hi?

I'd like to thank Rith and Ganteka for editing my melee weapons, and anyone who added anything to their construction while I was gone. I haven't been here in two months, and I do hope to be able to be online mpore often in the near future, but that might not be possible. I just hope to able to add more stuff to the wiki in the not-so-near-future, then :). Deranged. 00:51, December 31, 2009 (UTC)


Well, I've been playing D&D 3,5 for a couple of years now... started in one campaign, whole thing stopped after one session, later played in another 'till lvl 12 or something, filled in for the DM for a while, DM quit, started my own campaign :).

Now I've got six people walking around in a custom-build world. Rather cool, actually.

Other Stuff

Considering contributions, past and future, I'm more of a designer than a developer, so while some of my ideas are cool, they might not always be properly translated into D&D. Any ideas on how to fix certain issues are welcome, and if nothing is wrong with it, then a note to that effect is welcome too. Thanks :).


Shadow Symbiont (3.5e Monster) - A shadowy Ooze, leeches Constitution for several abilities.
Flame Sprite (3.5e Monster) - Arsonic fey, can telepathically share its love for fire.
Thought Drainer (3.5e Monster) - Intelligence-draining magical beast.
Bloodstar (3.5e Equipment)
Knifestick (3.5e Equipment)
Runner's Blessing (3.5e Equipment)
Chainhook (3.5e Equipment)
Jalzab (3.5e Equipment)
Razor Axe (3.5e Equipment)

Improved Peripheral Vision (3.5e Feat)

Working on:

Ghostflame Warrior

To be posted

Firefox - Well, basically a flaming fox.
Eaters of Fear - Fey that feed off of fear.
Prestige Class
Freerunner - Build around speed and agility. Not inspired by Mirror's Edge, I've had it lying around for some time before the game came out.
Joker - A merry wanderer, bringing joy wherever he goes. More of a prankster than a jester, mind you. The evil version, the Harlequin, would spread destruction and evil as they move from town to town. So the name fits the spirit of the thing rather than the execution.
Some bakery-related damage spells. (Hail of Muffins, for example)
Lethemancy - Spells that make casters lose spells.
Tons of melee stuff. Since I very much enjoy coming up with melee weapons, I've got several possible additions for that section.

Well, err.. Bye!


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