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Nothing special around here, just another random gamer girl. Love playing DnD with my friends, I've started collecting Dice, just found the my last scarab set, Jade, happy happy joy joy!!! :D

Normally play Rogues, though I have played, Druids, a Ranger, and a Sorceress, my favorite character NyQuil is Rogue/Druid. My all time favorite character is actually NyQuil's once animal companion that was awakened, a Capuchin Monkey, he is a Rogue, currently lvl 2 and he has a slight Loki complex :D

I love rolling up new characters!!!!! it is hobby of mine, I roll them up, draw a picture of them, write up their back story, I have like 8 characters I've never played before lol I recently rolled my first fighter

well there you go... that's me


To Do List... Edit

To help where needed!! and possibly work on the following ideas:

  • Work on Bloodline pages
  • Monsters as Characters

anyone who wants to is more than welcome to help edit my pages where needed as I'm new to the wikia site :)

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