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{{author |author_name=DanielDraco |date_created=<!-- date --> |status=<!-- development comments --> }} {{3.5e Deity |hdligo=o |sym=Varies; usually a raindrop |plane=Unknown (but see below) |align=N |port=Water (but see below) |calign=Any |dom=[[User:DanielDraco/E'hekeda (3.5e Campaign Setting)/Supreme Water (3.5e Cleric Domain)|Supreme Water]] |favweap=Any one }} [[Summary::The Primal Deity of water, very little is known about Gliddeg.]] == Church of the Torrent == The Church of the Torrent believes that Gliddeg will someday send an impossibly large storm; according to them, the seas will boil and fuel a global rainstorm. This torrent will come down in such volume that the air will be impossible to breathe for all the rain in it, and the world will drown. People outside the Church of the Torrent generally view them as eccentric and misguided, but very little fear is held of the cult because they are generally nonviolent and tolerant of skeptics. === Dogma === Most of this cult's activities focus on warning the populace of this doomsday and making preparations for it. They also make efforts to delay or prevent the torrent, which mostly consist of prayers and rituals meant to appease Gliddeg or to plead other divine forces to prevent the rain. === Clergy and Temples === The Church of the Torrent has no real clergy; their message is simple, and needs no experts to profess it. Their temples are generally made to serve as shelters for the flood to come, with quality ranging from being no better than a simple cellar to having high-quality magical airlocks and air supplies. == Order of the Blue Heart == The Order of the Blue Heart is, at its core, an organization for pacifist healers. They use water as a symbol of their healing art due to its essentialness to organic life, and over the years this symbolism has grown to a worship of Gliddeg as a god of medicine and peace. Some theologists say that this attribution may actually be accurate; Blue Heart holy water is measurably more potent than that of any other church, and their healing potions appear to be nothing but water when subjected to alchemical tests. === Dogma === The Order of the Blue Heart abhors violence of all sorts, and makes constant efforts to campaign agaisnt it. Despite this, in times of war the Order of the Blue Heart is completely neutral; their blue-clad medics will go to battlefields and heal soldiers on both sides. They believe that if they leave soldiers to die, there will always be more to take their place and lead to more fatalities overall. Killing one of these medics is considered a despicable war crime by most nations. === Clergy and Temples === <!-- A description of the clergy and the temples that it keeps --> == Sandbringers == === Dogma === cult that sees Gliddeg as a threat to life, and seeks to parch the land to rob him of his influence <!-- Basic description of is encouraged and what is discouraged among followers --> === Clergy and Temples === <!-- A description of the clergy and the temples that it keeps --> ---- {{3.5e Deities Breadcrumb}} [[Category:3.5e]] [[Category:User]] [[Category:Deity]]

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