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Character Build for Tethys Edit

The goal for Thethys is to make her a minion cleric. She will be rebuking all sorts of creatures and using them to lay the beatdown or do cool tricks. Her zombie husband Fenrick is really just for flavor (zombies really suck).

So far, the plan is to go Cleric 20 unless I can come up with a worthwhile PrC that grants extra domains (air, fire, ooze, etc). She doesn't have a deity right now, but the DM might be adding a deity of balance that offers lots of opposing domains that must be taken in pairs.

I am not using Divine Metamagic (it is too high powered for this kind of game).

Feats Edit

Items Edit

  • Flametouched Iron Holy Symbol (Ebberon CS, 750 gp, +1 turning level)
  • Circlet of Persuasion (DMG, 4,500 gp, +3 cha checks)
  • Scepter of the Netherworld (Libris Mortus, 9,000 gp, +3 turning level)
  • +1 Sacred Shield (Book of Exalted Deeds, 9000gp, adds +2 turning level)
  • Phylactery of Undead Turning (DMG, 11,000 gp, +4 turning level)
  • Breastplate of Command (DMG, 25,000 gp, +2 cha checks & leadership)
  • Strand of Prayer Beads (DMG, 25,800 gp, +4 caster level for 10 min)

I'd also like to spend extra gold to make the items that add to effective turning level also help me turn constructs and plants.

Stuff to Consider Edit

  • Sovereign Speaker PrC (with flavor modifications)
  • Divine Disciple PrC
  • Contemplative PrC
  • Retrieve Spell Feat
  • Domain Spontaneity Feat
  • Profane Boost Feat
  • Plant Devotion Feat

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