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Aarnott (talk)
Date Created: June 15 2010
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Summary::The Mystos campaign setting: one part Waterworld, one part Greek myth, and one part classic D&D, combined in a big pot and overcooked slightly to make a sea-based setting.

Players start in command of a ship and they travel the world in search of riches, fame, or perhaps to protect others from pirates (or they may be pirates themselves). Pirates, in Mystos, is a very loose term. There are many small city-states fighting for power and pirates are often just small battalions of soldiers from an enemy nation.

The world is broken into thousands of small islands, with only a few major land masses that don't even rival the size of Jamaica. Resources are often scarce and one poor harvest can easily cripple the reserves of even the best farming communities. As a result, even the closest allegiances can become strained when one ally has bountiful harvests and the other is starving.

Player Info World Reference Running the Setting
Character Creation
Rules and advice for Creating Characters.
The many races of Mystos.
Character Options
All the ways to customize characters.
Gear and Equipment
All of your bronze age needs.
Information about the various boats available in this campaign setting
Crew Members
Information about recruiting crew members and leading them into dangerous waters.
Magic and Magic Items
The mystical forces of Mystos.
History and Culture
Heroes and cultural quirks.
Geography and Environment
Places and locations of interest in Mystos.
All the divinity in the multiverse.
Cosmology and the Planes
The layout of the cosmos.
The groupings of people in Mystos.
NPCs, Minions, and Notables
All the people your players may see, talk to, or kill.
Information on this campaign and suggestions.
Running a Campaign
Basics on how to run a game with this setting.
Adventures and Quests
Things to do in Mystos.
The vile beasts, horrid creatures, and savage species.

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