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Magic Edit

Magic is everywhere in Mystos. And although that may be the case, magic is always a gift from the gods that has its limitations. Most creatures are just created with certain magical abilities and never gain new ones. Sometimes the gods allow a creature the potential to grow its magical strength. This is usually a dangerous thing for the god because the more magic the creature uses, the stronger the connection with the god (even if the god is not on good terms with the creature).

In some ways, magic is more than just an element of the universe, it is the embodiment of the gods. When someone blasts an opponent with a fireball, they are literally blasting that opponent with a part of Korla herself. In this way, harnessing magic is a bond with the power of the gods.

Some heroes are born (either as demigods or just with an innate trait) to harness magic. The gods usually watch these heroes carefully because these heroes have the potential to put gods into very undesirable situations (which could result in them being overthrown). It isn't uncommon for a hero to unintentionally earn the wrath of a god by misusing their power.

When it comes down to it, every PC is magic in some way. That's what makes them more exceptional than others. In Mystos there is no distinction between arcane magic, divine magic, and psionics (or any other alternate system out there). They are all just different ways of harnessing magic.

Magic Items Edit

There are no magic item creation feats and no magic items in Mystos. Since the game uses Balanced Wealth, there is no need to even have magic items at all.

Instead, a character can spend the gold required for a magic item to make appropriate sacrifices to the gods. The gods will then give them the innate ability that the magic item would have granted (although it still takes up the "slot"). The player may spend a total of 25% of what their CWBL guidelines for their level suggests on these sacrifices (further sacrifices just make the gods happy, but don't grant more bonuses).

You will have to work out with your DM whether these sacrifice bonuses are "least", "lesser", or "greater".

Any item that adds a bonus to skill checks gives 1/5 as much of a bonus.

Any item that adds a bonus to AC other than Armor, Natural Armor, or Deflection is a Deflection bonus to AC (which overlaps the balanced wealth bonus).

Any item that adds a bonus to attack rolls gives an enhancement bonus (which overlaps magic weapons).

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