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Just some of my own notes on cosmology copied over from text documents :P

The planes are physically connected in Mystos. People could sail to the edge of the world and enter the astral plane (or the elemental plane of fire at sunrise or the land of the dead at nightfall). The oceans themselves are Mysta's domain (and, thus are the "elemental plane of water").

Phylea, the Infinite Forge

  • Sun
  • Elemental Plane of Fire
  • Every morning the forge is lit by Korla, the goddess of fire in the western sky. One of the two cursed god-born (Jango and Jangi) drags Phylea across the sky until it reaches the west side of the world. At that point, the fires slowly burn out and turn to ash. Any creature inside the forge when the fires die off will be rolled into a ball by the god-born as he cleans up the ash.
  • The City of Brass is created each night after Phylea burns out. The god of architecture builds the city each night in exchange for Korla's daughter's hand in marriage.
  • Typical fire based creatures live in the deserts/volcanos/lavaflows found in Phylea. The City of Brass is just like normal D&D.

Mise, Heaven's Gate

  • Above the clouds
  • Elemental Plane of Air
  • At the center of the world there is the tallest mountain called "The root of Mise". At the top of this mountain is the stairway to mise.
  • Mise is a city that acts as the gateway to the "Hallway of the Gods"
  • On the outskirts of Mise are some giant kingdoms.

Nox, Land of the Dead

  • Moon
  • Negative Energy Plane
  • One of the two cursed god born (Jango and Jangi) drags Nox across the night sky. Nox is bigger and heavier depending on the number of souls there. For 3 days each month, Jango or Jangi is allowed to rest and not drag Nox across the sky (new moon).
  • Souls lost at sea find their way to Nox as it passes in the west or east. People that are buried have their souls travel the long journey to the heart of the world, where Neul comes to return souls and collect souls each day.
  • Souls that have not had their debts paid in life, must work for Neul (the god of the dead). Once their debt is paid, they can go back to the heart of the world and their soul will travel back to the world and allow the person to be reincarnated.

Gaen, The Heart of the World

  • Earth core
  • Elemetal Plane of Earth
  • Right below the underdark

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