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Ur-Evo (3.5e Elder Evil)

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Ur-Evo Edit

Background Edit

Summary::The crystal egg, vile dragonblooded elder evil which seeks to turn all species into draconic thralls. This is mostly a test, will be completed soon.

Goals Edit

Turn everyone into kobolds.

Ur-Evo in the Campaign Edit

Summoned by stuff, Ur-Evo floats through space in the form of a big crystal moon. When she appears, you're all gonna be eaten.

Description Edit

Like Atropos made of glass and dragon souls.

Sign Edit


You turn into a kobold.

Faint: Stuff

Moderate: Stuff

Strong: Stuff

Overwhelming: Death

Malefic Properties Edit

Anathematic Secrecy: Immune to all divine divination spells and effects.


Encounter Information Edit

Evo does stuff, rwar.

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