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Prestigious Character Classes Edit

A number of character classes described in the d20 system represent very specific (if not always specialized) roles in the game. These classes- the bard, the paladin, and the ranger- might require special training to enter, training that can be mimicked by transforming these classes into prestige classes.

With this variant, these classes become off limits for starting (1st-level) characters. Thus, the three prestige classes presented below represent elite character archetypes, roles that can only be achieved through training in specific areas of knowledge and expertise. In each case, the prestige class recreates the feel of the character class, but with slight variations. Each class has fifteen levels, allowing a character who enters at 6th level to continue along that path all the way up to 20th level.

If you use any of the variant classes presented here, the standard version of the class should be unavailable. For instance, you shouldn't include both the standard paladin character class and the paladin prestige class in the same game.

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