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Item Familiar [General]Edit

Choose a permanent magic item that you possess. You establish a link to that magic item, and the item improves in capability as you gain levels.


A character must be at least 3rd level to take this feat.


By establishing a link to a particular item, you enable that item to gain power as you gain levels. The exact nature of the item and the powers are described here.


If you ever lose the chosen item (have it removed from your possession for a continuous period of more than one day per level) or if the item is destroyed, you automatically lose 200 XP per level as well as all benefits derived from possessing the linked item (plus any resources you put into the item). If you recover the item, you regain these XP. You may replace a lost or destroyed item familiar after you have advanced one level, as if you were gaining an item familiar for the first time.

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