Conjurer Variants Edit

One of the most verstatile schools of magic, conjuration offers its disciples an effective solution to nearly any task; Simply summon the appropriate monster and let it solve the problem. In combat, high-level conjurers fight from behind wave after wave of summoned foes, and in most battles they simply direct their summoned allies into the conflict. In addition to these vaunted summoning powers, conjuration provides effective combat spells and access to teleportation magic.

While virtually any campaign can benefit from rival groups of conjurers serving diverse agendas, conjurers are particulary effective in combat-heavy campaigns. Campaigns that feature a great deal of long-distance travel or travel between planes also benefit from including diverse groups of conjurers, because their specialty facilitates travel and encourages a thourough understanding of the creatures of the Outer Planes.

Rapid Summoning(Ex) Edit

Any time a conjurer using this variant casts a summon monster spell, its casting time is 1 standard action rather than 1 full round. (Creatures so summoned can only take a standard action in the round they are summoned.) Conjurers using this variant gain the normal benefits from enhancing a summon monster spell with the Quicken Spell feat.

A conjurer using this variant permanently gives up the ability to obtain a familiar.

Enhanced summoning(Ex) Edit

At 1st level, a conjurer using this variant gains the Augment Summoning feat for free instead of the Scribe Scroll feat.

At 5th level, the conjurer's summoned creatures become particulary tough to dispel. Add 2 to the DC of any caster level check made to dispel the conjurer's summoned creatures. At 15th level, this addition to the DC increases to 4.

At 10th level, the conjurer's summoned creatures gain an additional +2 bonus to Strength and Constitution. At 20th level, the bonuses increase to 4+. These bonuses stack with those granted by the Augment Summoning feat.

A conjurer using this variant does not gain bonus feats for advancing as a wizard.

Spontaneous Summoning (Ex) Edit

Conjurers using this variant can "lose" a prepared spell to cast any summon monster spell of a lower level. For example, a conjurer who has prepared greater invisibility (a 4th level-spell) may lose that spell to cast summon monster I, summon monster II, or summon monster III.

A conjurer using this variant does not gain additional spells per day for being a specialist wizard.

Note: Since conjurers using this variant obviously summon monsters frequently, the DM should require the conjurer's player to prepare simple record sheets ahead of time for each monster that the character commonly summons. It is also important to emphasize speedy play on the part of thee conjurer and his summoned monsters.

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