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Religious BackgroundEdit

Obviously, clerics dominate this background category. In a larger sense, it represents all activities that have a strong religious element, and in the generally pious societies that dominate most campaigns, that's a pretty wide spread.

Recognition is by ascension in rank, with a character's ranks in Knowledge (religion) providing a bonus on his recognition check.

Example Religious RanksEdit

The following ranks are loosely drawn from the Christian church as it existed in the Middle Ages. Accordingly, they won't be appropriate for all the fantasy religions in your game.

Religious Ranks (Highest to Lowest): acolyte, abbot, deacon, priest, high priest, bishop, prelate, archbishop, patriarch, cardinal.

Religious Background Activities
d100 Activity Class Feats Skills Gear Contacts Rep Recognition
01-12 Temple leader Cleric Leadership, Sp Focus (Ench) Diplomacy, Sense Motive, Know (religion) Item that employs divine magic Influence Rank, DC 26
13-24 Evangelist Cleric Negotiator, Sp Focus (Conj) Diplomacy, Know (religion), Spellcraft Item that aids interaction Influence +1 Rank, DC 28
25-33 Sacred librarian Bard or Cleric Diligent, Investigator Gather Info, Know (religion), Know (history), Spellcraft, Search Item with divination aura Information +0 Rank, DC 30
34-42 Keeper of the dead Cleric Extra Turning, Sp Focus (Necro) Know (religion), Spellcraft, Concentration Item with necromancy aura Skill +0 Rank, DC 30
43-51 Cultist Cleric Sp Focus (Conj), Sp Focus (Necro) Disguise, Concentration, Spellcraft Item that aids disguise or secrecy Information +0 Rank, DC 26
52-64 Inquisitor Cleric Sp Focus (Dlv), Investigator Sense Motive, Intimidate, Spellcraft Item with divination aura Information Rank, DC 28
65-77 Exorcist Cleric Sp Focus (Abj), Spell Penetration Spellcraft, Concentration, Know (the planes) Item that affects extraplanar creatures Influence Rank, DC 30
78-88 Temple guardian Paladin, Fighter, or Blackguard1 Power Attack, Cleave Know (religion), Spot, Climb Armor Skill +0 Rank, DC 28
89-100 Cloistered Monk Dodge, Mobility Tumble, Jump, Balance, Hide, Move Silently Item that provides protection Skill +0 Rank, DC 28

1. Sp Focus = Spell Focus; Know = Knowledge; Gather Info = Gather Information. 2. Indicates a prestige class. Only available if the class is allowed in the campaign.

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