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Military Background Edit

The activities associated with this background include broadly defined military missionis. The raid activity, for example, covers everything from young Vikings on their first pillage to elite commandos striking behind enemy lines. Except for all-out war, none of the activities implies continuous assignment. Most soldiers spend much of their time training, guarding, and hanging out in the barracks.

Military recognition takes two forms: decorations (medals, fancy uniforms, tattoos, and the like) and rank (encompassing traditional military ranks and sometimes noble or honorific titles). In each case, the recognitioin check DC is modified by the character's base attack bonus. Rollong a natural 20 on a recognion check gives the character a double promotion or a more prestigious decoration.

Example Ranks and Decorations Edit

The following military ranks are typical of a national army in a fantasy kingdom. Designing your own command structure and unique decorations is a good way to make your game world seem more real.

Ranks (Lowest to Highest): Armsman, Sergeant, Sergeant Major, Lieutenant, Captain, Makor, Colonel, General.

Decorations: Three-Star Cluster (for valor), Ivy-Oak Medallion (for service to the realm), ribbon of Scarla (for bravery under fire), Iron Gauntlet (for unsurpassed heroism).

Military Background Activities
d% Activity Class Feats Skills Gear Contacts Rep Recognition
01-11 Raid Barbarian or fighter Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization Climb, Jump, Intimidate, Search, Swim Melee weapon Information +0 Decoration, DC 20
12-19 Trainer Fighter Combat Expertise, Improved Disarm Intimidate, Diplomacy Knowledge (local) Wondrous item for morale/interaction Influence +1 Rank, DC 22
20-27 Cavalry Scout Ranger Mounted Combat, Mounted Archery Ride, Spot, Listen, Survival, Search, Move Silently, Hide Ranged weapon Information +0 Decoration, DC 20
28-35 Heavy cavalry Fighter or paladin Mounted Combat, Spirited Charge Ride, Intimidate, Jump Barding Information +1/2 Decoration or rank, DC 24
36-44 Defense Fighter or dwarven defender 1 Dodge, Mobility Profession (siege engineer), Climb, Jump Armor or shield Skill +1/2 Rank, DC 24
45-52 Scout Ranger or arcane archer 1 Alertness, Stealthy Spot, Listen, Move Silently, Hide, Survival Wondrous item for stealth, communication or perception Information +0 Rank, DC 24
53-63 Shock trooper Fighter Power Attack, Improved Bull Rush Climb, Intimidate, Jump Armor or shield Information +1/2 Decoration, DC 24
64-74 Siege Fighter Power Attack, Improved Sunder Climb, Jump, Profession (siege engineer) Melee weapon Information +1/2 Decoration, DC 22
75-80 War Fighter Any fighter bonus feat Climb, Intimidate, Jump Melee weapon Influence +1 Rank, DC 20
81-86 Diplomacy Fighter or paladin Leadership, Persuasive Diplomacy, Sense Motive, Knowledge (nobility and royalty) Wondrous item for morale/interaction Influence +1 Rank, DC 24
87-94 Border patrol Ranger Point Blank Shot, Far Shot Survival, Spot, Listen, Hide, Move Silently Ranged weapon Information +0 Rank, DC 26
95-100 Herald Bard or fighter Negotiator, Weapon Focus Knowledge (nobility and royalty), Diplomacy, Knowledge (local), Sense Motive, Spot, Listen, Knowledge (history) Armor or shield Influence +1 Rank, DC 24
1 Indicates a prestige class. Only available if the class is allowed in the camaign.

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