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Trollkin (3.5e Monster)

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Before you stands a very stocky figure with a veridian skin, the taint of Trollkin resounding throughout an otherwise dwarven constitution. The result of a no doubt unholy union, shunned by everyone and often eager to chop people up for it all the same.

Trollkin are dwarf-like creatures with the blood of trolls flowing through their bodies. Extreme toughness and strength befits them, and they are surprisingly agile for their stocky build. They are averaging just an inch taller than your average Hill Dwarf, and weigh in at about 20 to 30 pounds heavier of stocky build. They have pronounced green skin and crimson eyes and live twice as long as a normal dwarf, but reach adulthood just as quickly. Surprisingly, they have not inherited the Troll's ugliness, and can hold fair Dwarven and even humanlike complexions. Because Trollkin are basically dwarves with troll-tainted bloodlines, they exhibit lawful and good tendencies as well as chaotic and evil tendencies, leaving their alignments scattered over both axis.


Trollkin, both like dwarves and like trolls, are natural fighters. They relish the thrill of battle and gear their crafts to bettering war and conflict.

Regeneration (Ex): Like with trolls, fire and acid deal normal damage to Trollkin. If they lose a limb or bodypart, the lost portion regrows in 1 day. The creature can reattach the severed member by holding it to the stump, but this requires sturdy bandaging and 1 hour.

Trollkin Battlemaster

Seasoned fighters, aided by great strength and durability, trollkin battlemasters are naturals in the battlefield. They are also often cunning in the crafts.

Trollkin as Characters

See Trollkin (3.5e Race).

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