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Intermediate Deity (Neutral)

The goliath deity of fertility and growth, Theleya is given credit whenever a healthy baby is born or a particularly rich patch of berries is found. Theleya's clerics are often a tribe's best healers, midwives, and tent-mothers. Theleya is generally depicted as a pregnant goliath holding a gourd-rattle full of seeds.

Portfolio: Fertility, growth.

Domains: Healing,Magic, Plant.

Cleric Training: Tent-mothers are particularly fond of Theleya, so they pass along much of her lore to clerics in training. A goliath who takes ranks in the Heal, Profession (herbalist), or Knowledge (nature) skill probably learned about these skills in the context of Theleya’s teachings.

Quests: Anything that endangers the fragile ecosystem that the goliaths rely on is of paramount concern to Theleya. She often bids adventurers to halt large-scale mining, over-harvesting of timber, and the encroachment of civilization into goliath migration paths.

Prayers: Prayers to Theleya involve more rhythmic breathing than complete sentences. After several cleansing breaths, someone praying might simply say, “Intercede . . .” or “Bless...”

Shrines: The tent-mother often keeps a small shrine to Theleya—often a wood-and-hide box full of seeds and dried berries.

Rites: Theleya probably has as many rites as the rest of the goliath pantheon put together. Her ceremonies honor the birth of a new goliath, bless each meal before it’s consumed, and mark the passing of the seasons.

Herald and Allies: Thelaya’s herald is a 20th-level goliath cleric. Her allies are bralani eladrins, couatls, and planetars.

Favored Weapon: Sickle.

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