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As of right now, these are just character ideas, concepts, and names with class levels. Mostly, I don't have the time or mental willpower to fill out a bajillion status blocks, but I do have a lot of people that need to be written down before I forget about them. Cheers!

The Dark Council

The Dark Council is full of some of the most evil people in the Empire, and I don't expect you to make all of them. Here are some of the most famous, nefarious, and evil villains that walk the Empire.

The Master

The Master was the most powerful necromancer the world had ever seen. Making several devious pacts with the dark powers of Jigoku, he almost succeeded in ascending to the throne and conqueroring the entire Empire. Twice. He was deemed so powerful that his name was literally wiped from existance, preventing anyone from summoning him. He is the shadow that hangs over the empire. He is the Master.

The Master is less of a villain to be encountered and more of a motivation. He is immensely powerful, functionally immortal, and forever imprisoned. And that makes most of the members of the Dark Council want to free him. They know that he will greatly reward whoever sets him free, and that alone is enough motivation.

Starting out as a peasant farmer several hundred years ago, the Master was drawn into the dark arts of wizardry by an evil spirit from Jigoku that sensed much anger and hatred in the young man. Soon the Master was the most promising necromancer in the entire world. Pretty soon he was gathering disciples of his own, and with it, attention from the Majo-Kari and the Imperial Police. A conflict was inevitable.

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