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The Duskwall Plateau (3.5e Quest)/The Skull Abbey

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Skull abbey
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The big white abbey is made of fused bricks and bones taken from the victims of the surrounding towns and tribes. this is a temple to Doresain King Of Ghouls. The walls are made of grey brown bricks with many bones and skulls embedded into them. the roof is totaly made of fused bones. the edge of the roof is triangular and reinforces by ribs of long columns of stone bricks. The main Hall has 3 levels Lower level, mid level and the high level lining the wall.

Elements within the abby

1. Entrance

The entrance is wide framed, made of skull embedded bricks. after the entrance the players pass through a corridor with a black marble floor and two row's of white bone marble columns.

2. Lower level

3. Archway

4. Stained Glass

5. mid level

6. The negative Portal

7. The guardians

8. The misty Skull

9. The song of Sorrows

10. Gate

11. The Skull Mortarium

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