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m (moved DnDWiki:Template:Creature to Template:Creature: For Canon material, creature articles should not contain stats in my opinion. I think there is no creature template without stats yet. Please correct me if necessary.)
(Link corrected)
Line 15: Line 15:
| '''Alignment''' || {{{alignment}}}
| '''Alignment''' || {{{alignment}}}
| '''[[Creature type|Type]]''' || {{{type}}}
| '''[[SRD:Creature Types|Type]]''' || {{{type}}}
{{#if:{{{subtype|}}} |
{{#if:{{{subtype|}}} |

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Dungeons & Dragons creature
† {{{image}}}
† {{{caption}}}
Alignment {{{alignment}}}
Type {{{type}}}
Source books {{{source}}}
First appearance {{{first}}}


{{Infobox D&D creature

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