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Parameter Required Description
name Yes The name of your maneuver.
discipline Yes The discipline your maneuver belongs to; ex: "Desert Wind".
type Yes Type of maneuver; one of "Boost", "Counter", "Stance", or "Strike".
desc No Maneuver descriptors, separated by commas; ex: "Fire, Mind-Affecting".
lvl Yes The maneuver's level, and only the level; ex: "1".
prereq No The maneuver's prerequisites, if any; ex: "Two Desert Wind maneuvers".
initiation Yes The type of action it takes to initiate the maneuver. You can either write out the action in full, or use short keywords instead: "swift", "immediate", "standard", and "full".
range Yes The maneuver's range. What you put here is going to be affected by your choice of the next parameter. Examples: "Personal", "30'".
tsea Yes Targeting information. Put t to get "Target", ts to get "Targets", e to get "Effect", and a to get "Area". These can be combined; te and et become "Target or Effect"; tea becomes "Target, Effect, or Area", etc.
subj Yes What comes after the the above tsea parameter in the maneuver description. What you put here is going to depend on what you put in tsea: an appropriate subj for Area would be "Cone"; an appropriate subj for Target would be "Five creatures".
dur No The duration of the maneuver, if it is not an instantaneous effect.
save No The maneuver's saving throw, if any.
summary Yes The short maneuver description that will appear on the maneuver list pages.

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