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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)

This template creates a formatted table for 3.5e armors.


Parameter Required Description Example
name Yes The name of the armor. Breastplate
lmh Yes The armor's category. Enter either: l= light, m= medium, h= heavy. m
cost Yes The armor's cost for a medium humanoid. This parameter is used to calculate the cost of the armor when made from alternate materials. 200
hp Yes The armor's default hit points. This is generally equal to the armor bonus times 5, but some homebrew armor may have different values. 25
ls Yes The material that the armor is primarily made from. Enter either: l= leather, cloth, or hide, s= steel or metal. s
drag No Can the armor be made from Dragonhide. The number of armors that can be made from dragon hide are rather limited, and so you must indicated explicitly if the armor can be made from dragon hide. Providing any value here will add the line to the table. 1


The example armor below is defined in wiki-text as follows:

{{3.5e Armor Material Enhancements

This text becomes:

Breastplate Material Enhancements
Material Cost1 Hardness Hit Points Special
Masterwork Steel 350 gp 10 25 -
Adamantine 10200 gp 20 33 Grants wearer DR 2/-
Crystal, Deep 4200 gp 10 25 Does not rust
Crystal, Mundane 350 gp 8 20 Does not rust
Dragonhide 700 gp 10 8 Non-metal armor
Mithral 4200 gp 15 25 Half weight,
Treated as light armor,
Increase max Dex bonus by 2,
Reduce armor check penalty by 3 (min 0),
Reduced ASF by 10%
  1. The given costs include the masterwork component.

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