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Date Created: November 20, 2009
Status: Complete.
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{{#set:Name=Taraga Finch|CR=20|Size=Medium|Summary=A man wearing a flamboyantly cut, purple and green suit, twirling a metal cane around with one hand while an an exceedingly eccentric smile sits, plastered over his pleasant, warm face, and a little odd twinkle shines in his light blue eyes.|Type=Humanoid (Human)}} {{#set:Race=Human}}

Taraga Finch

CR 20

Male Human Psychic Warrior 3, Threat 4, Mercurial Warrior 2, Impediment 2, Pseudonaught 2, Unnatural Warrior 7
LN Medium Humanoid (Human)
Init/Senses +8/Listen +31, Spot +31
Languages Common, Dwarven
AC 42, touch 21, flat-footed 39
(+6 armor, +7 shield, +3 Dex, +6 Con, +8 deflection, +2 natural armor)
hp 233 (20 HD)
Fort/Ref/Will +29/+17/+21
Speed 30 ft. (6 squares)
Melee +5 Speed Collision Warhammer +30/+30/+25/+20/+15 melee (1d8+17/×3)
Space/Reach 5 ft./5 ft.
Base Atk/Grp +18/+41
Atk Options Mighty Blow, Unnatural Blow, Improved Unnatural Blow, Greater Unnatural Blow, Unreal Rend +1
Special Actions Fleet Style, Uncanny Speed +20 feet, Vagary
Power Points 83
Psychic Warrior Powers Known (ML 3rd):
Abilities Str 24, Dex 16, Con 22, Int 13, Wis 26, Cha 10
SQ Body of Granite, Damage Reduction 2/-, Defender, Fearless, Greater Unnatural Force, Unnatural Skill (ListenSpot, BluffDiplomacy, BluffSleight of Hand, DiplomacyListen), Greater Unnatural Body, Uncanny Dodge, Numb +2, Instinct +1, Unnatural Dodge, Walk the Endless
Feats Cleave, Improved Unarmed Strike, Improved Grapple, Diehard, Endurance, Great Cleave, Improved Initiative, Run, Power Attack, Stand Still
Skills Bluff +18, Concentration +29, Diplomacy +18, Listen +31, Sleight of Hand +26, Spot +31
Possessions +5 Speed Collision Warhammer, +5 Padded Armor, +5 Mithral Heavy Shield, Belt of Giant Strength +6, Amulet of Health +6, Periapt of Wisdom +6

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