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Worth UsingEdit

This is an experiment in weapon/game design. With all specialty weapons, it's likely to not be used. With the glut of weapons out there, and that the weapon a character uses helps define him, this is likely to never see playtime with a PC. Mechanically, it's based off of the bastard sword and greatclub. Greatclub being a lower-end weapon and bastard sword requiring a feat to make the most of it, they probably weren't the best choices of design models. It's a decent weapon early on, with its niche being geared toward "damage that gets through", being cheaper than a full adamantine weapon (not by much, and at moderate levels, that difference is quite slim).

The awkward part of this weapon's design is in the 1d6 sonic damage on a critical hit. A huge war chime and a tiny war chime deal the same amount of sonic damage. So, it's much like a ×3 Critical weapon, but just a bit less. The fact that it's mundane sonic damage should make up for the decrease in overall damage (if it were a full ×3 Critical weapon).

Finally, the price. It's based on the weight and cost of the two metals, as well as masterwork property. It eliminates the weapon as a 1st level option (one of the reasons it isn't likely to be used. PCs rarely switch their weapon choice mid-career), however, if the weapon were a status symbol, such as that of a religion or organization, it might be more likely to be taken in by a PC. This is just notes for DMs who consider implementing war chimes into their game. Sound effects are encouraged. --Ganteka Future 21:29, February 4, 2010 (UTC)

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