Coin weight Edit

If you're trying to make large weights of money more valuable, why are you keeping coins as heavy as they are? Most coins are a fraction of the weight of D&D coins (a quarter is seriously an eightieth of a pound, and it takes a bit more than 200 pennies to a pound), so you could multiply all per-pound values by two or four right off by switching to lighter coins, and get more reasonable coins, to boot. --IGTN 07:22, November 12, 2009 (UTC)

It is not just about the weight of coins however. The main purpose of the variant is to make precious metals valuable beyond low levels. Platinum is supposed to be a rare and highly valuable metal but at a mere 10-1 gold ratio its not really. Beyond just rarity it should not be feasible for low level characters or middle class commoners to have platinum and with costs easily hitting the hundreds of gold they could easily trade using platinum assuming hey had access to it.
This way only the upper class and adventurers commonly trade in gold and only the rich will be seen trading in platinum. Suddenly finding a bag of gold as a low-mid level reward is a big deal let alone finding or being rewarded with platinum. Granted this variant works easiest in a campaign where shops are created, and thus regulated, by the DM instead of assuming players have open access to just about anything. Such is the way I am planning my next campaign and it has flavored the creation of this variant.
If you are going to let players have more or less unlimited access to shops and assume that they will eventually find whatever they are looking for then I wouldn't suggest this variant. Simply ignore coin weight or lower it as you suggested above. But for what I have in mind I think it works quite well. Azel Deslin 22:55, November 12, 2009 (UTC)

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