RatedExcellent TK-Squared's Favor
This article has been favored and rated Excellent by TK-Squared, for the following reasons: I love Tome of Fiends. Seriously; love it. Not just because it's made by two dudes who happened to be named Fwank and Kway or because of some other arbitrary reason (lol u liek op shit) but because it has class. It has pizzazz and all that. It deals with the morality of things much better than the PHB or any other supplement ever did, it introduces base classes to build up fiendish enemies from scratch, rather than relying on the prebuild CR based opponents and it also provides rather fiendish prestige classes for casters, which are always fun and useful. Of course, the Wish rules are laid down much better than Wish could ever do and the Campaigning in the Lower Planes is a useful chapter indeed for anyone planning on actually doing so. I also like the new Warlock; so, yeah. Favored.

RatedExcellent Jota II's Favor
This article has been favored and rated Excellent by Jota II, for the following reasons: I like most of the Tome of Fiends. There's definitely some parts that are better than others, however. In particular I feel like the prestige classes don't carry their own weight, and some of the early fluff is 'just' good, which says more about the ridiculously high standards these authors have made for themselves than the work itself. That said, there's some pretty good crunch (spheres are interesting and some of the base classes are as well) in there, and the optional rules are quite excellent. The sourcebook really finishes strong with Campaigning on and Gaining Influence in the Lower Planes. All in all perhaps not the strongest 'excellent' I've seen, but certainly deserving of said status.

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