Potential Problem Edit

A big problem you might run into this ability is it becoming an "all or nothing" ability. Let's say a construct has 20 HD (they usualy have more HD than PCs do), and players need to roll a 13 to hit it. When the shield runs out, they need a 3 to hit it, and it quickly dies. Thus, it stops a creature with the ability from staying a challenge until the end of a fight unless it dramatically changes when the shield runs out. Alternatively, let's say the base creature needs around 10 on an attack roll to hit it. Suddenly, the Shield ability raises it to be nigh-untouchable. A static bonus to AC might be better (even +2 can make a big difference), rather than a scaling one, since AC already scales with level and adding another scaling bonus on top of that can push ACs completely out of whack. See what I mean? --Ghostwheel 05:03, September 14, 2009 (UTC)

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