Why is this not the standard way? Edit

(And how to tweak so it fits the original concept.)

My initial reaction is to wonder why this is not the way Int increase and skill points work now - and if there is a good reason, what we can do to preserve it.

  • Flavor: the character did not learn it during the actual time spent in that level, and adding the skill points makes no sense.
Solution1: only allow the Skill points to be added to already trained skills. This would represent seeing new ways to use a previously learned skill after an increase in Int. This seems to dovetail nicely with the concept of Skill Rank reqs for some Feats and Prestige Classes.
Solution2: force the skill points to be spread out. Perhaps any particular skill can only be raised 1 additional rank with the newly gained skill points (insight into a subject only gets you so far). Perhaps the 4 skills with the most ranks must be raised 1 rank each (the character is most familiar with these skills = more experience from which to draw on for developing insight).
  • Mechanical: it ends up overpowering the characters. Since they are still limited by the Max Ranks cap, I'm not really seeing this.

--Be well 23:31, September 23, 2009 (UTC)

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