Balance Edit

What with all the wizard-level spells available as invocations (Sleep, Web, Hold Person, Deep Slumber, Hold Monster, Mass of both Hold Person and Hold Monster, Symbol of Sleep, Wall of Force, Forcecage, etc) I'd probably peg this at wizard-level. --Ghostwheel 02:21, May 18, 2010 (UTC)

A Level 10 Same Game TestEdit

  • <50% A hallway filled with magical runes. Assuming a symbol of death is first, to get through this with any likelihood she must save on the first rune and succeed on a rather cheesy cross-class knowledge dungeoneering check to expect more runes, and have dimension door. < 50%
  • 100% A Fire Giant. 15hd, can't be deep slumbered, can throw rocks further than restoring ray. Solution: levitate or fly or dimension door+expeditious retreat and restoring ray. If the giant stays near his fire source, he can average 24*(30-AC)/20 damage per round. The restorer can heal 17.5 damage per round, so, with fly, she can survive without resorting to running away as long as her AC is at least 15. Boring and drawn out.
  • 100% A Young Blue Dragon. 12hd, can't be deep slumbered. By the numbers, this looks like a tough fight because of the dragon's 150ft fly speed., but the dragon's poor maneuverability when flying vs the agility of dimension door assures the restorer's victory in the air. If grappled the restorer loses instead.
  • 0% A Bebilith. 12hd, can't be deep slumbered. Ambushed by the bebilith, the restorer is grappled and killed.
  • 15-100% A Vrock. Win conditions: win initiative, deep slumber the vrock first round (vrock has +10 will) (<50%), This is probably a close and exciting fight. The vrock simply uses telekenisis to pin the restorer, but then can't damage her. Need to actually play this one out.
  • <25% A tag team of Mind Flayers. Must make two DC 17 will saves just to get past first round, ~25% chance. Must stay > 60ft away, which is more than the range of deep slumber or restoring ray. Very unlikely.
  • <50% An Evil Necromancer. Hold person, deep slumber, still going to lose to the wizard's superior versatility.
  • 100% 6 Trolls. Dimension door or fly and deep slumber make this easy.
  • 100% 12 Shadows. Finally something easy, at least sort of. Despite her bad spot and their hide bonuses she's sure to spot twelve of them. She just needs any movement skill and restoring ray.

Optimized build for passing the level 10 same game test.Edit

Needed invocations: Lesser: restoring ray, dimension door, deep slumber Least: touch of sleep, levitate

Wins 46-69% of the fights. Cedges 19:07, May 18, 2010 (UTC)

With its primary focus on support rather than damage, I think something similar to the SGT for the marshal (end of the first area) might be more appropriate in this case. --Ghostwheel 20:15, May 18, 2010 (UTC)

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