Balance Edit

Take this on Empty Mind and Link Power. Suddenly you're manifesting all your powers as immediate actions at +1 ML. The usual bottleneck there is the lack of psionic focus, which is a pain to recharge or get multiple uses of that, but this bypasses it completely. Doesn't really sound rogue-level, methinks. --Ghostwheel

Link Power has a 1-round delay. Sure, you can manifest powers during your opponent's turn, but they won't do anything until that opponent's next turn. Your argument is incorrect, but I realize that you could effectively manifest one power with Empty Mind and another power with a standard action each round. This might be a little better than appropriate. Perhaps I should just arbitrarily prevent you from Psychic Thesising a power with a manifesting time less than a Standard action? --Foxwarrior 21:45, August 5, 2010 (UTC)
Right, I was exaggerating with "as an immediate action", though my point still carried--basically, with this feat you're able to double your action economy by getting twice as many spells out for little-to-no additional cost. Rather than noting at the bottom the details about spells with a casting time shorter than a standard action, the primary balance level of the feat should be wizard since it gives no limitations, and then it should list ways to further get it down to other balance levels. If you want it to be primarily rogue, then have the limitations in the main explanation, and give options later on how to make it wizard- and fighter-level. Though that said, I don't think your last example is fighter-level--consider a level 6 wilder, for example. Between this feat and Wild Surge, they can manifest a Type V astral construct even at the feat's most basic example (of just +2 PP). If the wilder had found some way to gain Astral Construct at level 3, they could already manifest a Type IV astral construct at that level with the help of this spell. Getting that kind of power doesn't really seem fighter-level to me. --Ghostwheel 23:33, August 5, 2010 (UTC)

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