RatedGood Jota II's Favor
This article has been favored and rated Good by Jota II, for the following reasons: While it is, admittedly, difficult to rate monsters given the varying balance across classes they might be pitted against, and even more so when the monsters are supposed to be epic, where the rules get all stupid, I am looking at these and evaluating each aspect (special attacks, qualities, HP, AC, attacks, etc.), and as far as I can guesstimate most of the numbers are relatively appropriate for the set challenge rating of 22. I think the SR could perhaps be a little higher, given that I would expect most casters to take the Spell Penetration line and that makes things awfully easy for a 22nd level caster at SR 29, but for melee combatants, including the Tome of Battle's progeny and rogues as well, I would generally describe this as a capable foe, something with the potential to last multiple rounds and deal threatening amounts of damage without being totally overbearing. I would only add that this is mostly mathematical speculation, given that these are epic monsters and we have yet to devise an accepted litmus test for creatures, and that I am open to criticisms of my evaluation given the untested terrain here.

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