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Favor Edit

RatedExcellent Ghostwheel's Favor
This article has been favored and rated Excellent by Ghostwheel, for the following reasons: I really like this feat in that it gives ranged characters something that they should get at the start as far as I'm concerned--Dexterity to damage. A suggestion might be the addition of ignoring Soft Cover (such a stupid rule...), the bane of many ranged characters who aren't familiar with Goggles of Foefinding in MIC.

A little unbalanced Edit

For its requirement, it offers two much of a bonus. It completely obsoletes the composite longbow, and if first level even a composite longbow +3 (which a first level wouldn't be able to afford), is less effective than a feat, than I'd say its pretty overpowered. Take out the dex bonus to damage or make the requirement a lot higher and it's fixed --Dm of two years (not sure how to do a signature)

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