this needs some serious rebalance and editing.

first of all, it fails to account for differences in HD between various souls, and secondly, it implies that a soul is worth 50 gp. this is not only morally wrong, but also can be absurdly abused: i could buy one of these with 200 souls for 10k gp, and then resell it in one of the planar cities, and buy a whole plane of existence or up on souls as currency before reevaluating the pricing of this item.

1 soul point is not equivalent to one soul, dear sir. Consulting the Form Philosopher's Stone for more information will reveal to you the truth: the stone has 100 soul points per point of CR of creatures used to create it. This is intentionally neither exponential nor quadratic with the power of the creatures, because it is supposed to encourage people to go out and slaughter the peasantry. Also, I only check this wiki maybe once every couple of months.

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