Too GoodEdit

I'd say this is too good. The level 1 ability is pretty extreme -- int to damage in addition to strength? Yikes! Compare Zen Archery (which doesn't give wis to damage) or even Weapon Finesse which waits until level 11 to do that. If that should be done at all, it's just too good for level 1. The level 6 ability is probably okay at level 1. The level 11 ability is probably fine at level 6. I'd move 1 to 11, and remove the bit that lets you add your intelligence in addition to your strength -- that can get pretty crazygonuts.

Also, I'd probably name this "Learned Archery", as there's a precedent where "Insightful" refers to Wisdom. Surgo 16:49, September 9, 2009 (UTC)

I figured the Int to Damage would be offset somewhat by having it not work on undead/constructs/etc, but if it's too good then it can go. I updated it with your suggestions, let me know what you think.
I saw that Insightful was used for Wisdom but it just feels like the word is more suited to Int to me. I dunno. --Jokey665 17:36, September 9, 2009 (UTC)
It looks fine to me now. Insightful may be appropriate to Int too, the problem is it just has a major precedent in D&D...probably best to avoid it to avoid any confusion. Surgo 17:39, September 9, 2009 (UTC)

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