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Apparently it sucks Edit

I noticed that the feat was given a Monk balance point rating, and I can't think of any counterarguments for that, since I managed to basically take the Product of Infernal Dalliance feat and take out everything that made it good. This is not supposed to be Monk-balanced. Ideally, none of these feats would be trap options in a Wizard-level build (so either Wizard-balanced or Rogue-balanced but synergistic with Wizard-balance things). As it is, it's a feat tax on

My Book of Elements project is going to revisit all of this and isn't shy about changing things, even if I have them up and marked as "Complete". I have a few ideas for how to fix this, but I'm not sure which tack to take:

  • Give out the elemental subtype, and some movement to go with it, like the Genasi get. Fire might get the Genasi's Produce Flame ability, or the Elemental-Bodied's Climbing, or something.
  • Give out a sphere. Give everyone who takes this feat very limited access to a single sphere, pre-chosen based on your element. Maybe a total of one casting per day.
  • Give out some fixed generally-useful SLAs. Air might get Feather Fall or Levitate, for example. --IGTN 08:34, May 8, 2010 (UTC)

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