Really Worth It?Edit

I'm just going to say that while this spell does combine trap the soul, charnel fire, and phantasmal killer into one (and a little bit of pnae shift if you count the transportation of the component), it doesn't really seem worth using to me over either the original phantasmal killer or another death effect available at the level this can be cast.

First off, phantasmal killer (and this spell) are both fear effects, which means that there are probably quite a few creatures that are going to be immune to it purely on that basis. Consider that destruction (only a level 7 Cleric spell) is in several ways more powerful than this spell since it only allows 1 save and also destroys the target's remains. It may not trap the soul like this spell does, but it is hardly beyond the means of a cleric of that level to cast trap the soul after using destruction.

Since this is a Sorcerer/Wizard spell and destruction is a cleric spell, that comparison doesn't hold too much weight (I mostly included destruction because the normal phantasmal killer is a cleric spell even if only in the Madness domain). Plane shift, however, a fifth level spell, accomplishes the same goal while only allowing one save (admittedly it's a melee touch attack, but that won't matter much when your foe gets blasted into the Abyss). And since plane shift is not actually a death effect (although you can choose to send the target to a lethal environment) a creature defeated by it cannot actually be raised unless it dies on the other plane, leaving gate, wish, or miracle as your only options to retrieve it.

That's all for now. - TG Cid 03:18, March 9, 2010 (UTC)

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