Other things that might be added Edit

Here are the healing-related and benefiting feats I came up with after looking through books, some might be very worthwhile to add to the build.

  • Magic of the Land (RotW) - Add spell's level x2 to the amount of damage healed
  • Augment Healing (CD) - Add spell's level x2 to the amount of damage healed
  • Initiate of Tamara (DM) - Add a spell's level to the amount of damage healed
  • Touch of Healing (CC) - Heal people for free up to 1/2 their health
  • Sacred Healing (PHB2) - spend a turn attempt to add +2 healing per damage die to your spell
  • Sacred Healing (CD) - Spend a turn attempt to grant Fast Healing to all living creatures in a 60' burst, lasts 1 + cha mod rounds (full round action)
  • Sacred Boost (CD) - Spend a turn attempt to make the next Cure spell you cast automatically maximized (standard action)
  • Mastery of Day and Night (PGtE) - Maximize cure/inflict spells for free
  • Prophecy's Shaper (MoE) - Empower a spell 1/round for free
  • Prophecy's Shepherd (MoE) - Quicken a cure/inflict spell 1/round for free

Some of them already appear on the build, others don't. --Ghostwheel 21:43, September 5, 2009 (UTC)

Healer Class Edit

In Miniatures Handbook, the healer class may add their cha bonus to healed damage, it may be a good substitiute for cleric. You would have to take the spontaneous cure feat from complete divine though for dragon shepard feat. Braveheart halfling can also play this build as well as a human, possibly better since it has little or no combat optimization.

I made a character that revolved around that class and the concept of healing allies, I was able to heal 16-17 damage with cure minor :D --PixieDragon 15:14, September 20, 2010 (UTC)

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