Wow, very well done, I see you put a lot of time into this and I'm going to put one in my campaign. Not enough thoughtout, balanced races on this wiki.


is the permanant negitive level in addition to the one you normally get? its worded kinda murky --NameViolation 12:57, October 6, 2009 (UTC)

Ah a discussion on Wounded Soul, a rather lousy (from game flow standards) drawback. First, I'll post the original here:
Now, I'll explain it and then explain why it's lousy. Well, the permanent negative level in the ability is different from say, using raise dead, which doesn't actually cause a permanent negative level. Spells like raise dead and resurrection cause actual level loss, not negative levels. This should help clear it up: SRD:Energy Drain, Negative Levels, and Level Loss. So, regardless of the spell or whatever that brought the granling back into the world of the living, he suffers from this permanent negative level.
Now, why it's lousy. This ability wasn't made as an ability that was going to see a lot of play-time function. It's based off of flavor from the source material I adapted it from. As such, it's there for flavor purposes. However, dropping such a penalty on a character hurts, hurts a lot. Rare as it may be, it's upsetting for the game.
Make it a temporary negative level that goes away after 24 hours.
Make it some other kind of penalty that doesn't slow down the game any more than the death of a character already does.
Explain the source flavor and hope someone else has some input.
Source flavor:
Granlings and aroghin come from some crappy fantasy genre fiction I wrote a while back as a test to myself just to see if I could manage it. The world was very un-DnD. Rather limited magical interference, several worlds, mostly unexplored, vast natural wilds, no ability to return the dead to life, no undead, distant yet influential deities. Granlings and aroghin were cursed. They never had ghosts. When they died, their souls just like, slept or something, were trapped, didn't pass on to any afterlife.
Any input is welcome, of course. I would very much like to swap this ability out for something more inline with playability as well as being interesting. --Ganteka Future 05:36, January 25, 2010 (UTC)

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