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Adaptation: Lady killer / Don Juan, same thing but with gender reversed

Posible alternate for Good Alignemnt Edit

This could be handles as a Flirt / Ladies man:

More than just an attractive face, you knew how to listen and talk in a way that many find very appealing.

Prerequisites: ..., any Good


  • 3 HD: You are an atentive listener, you gain 2(4) to your Gather ingormation and Listen checks. {Dont know what could be comparable with the sneak attack}


The aditional + to cha based skills each 2HD is a bit too powerfull imo (+14 at 20 lvl that is freking huge), i would rather make it each 5HD (+8 at 20 more in norm)

Edited some spelling --Sergejsvk 19:05, May 13, 2010 (UTC)

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