Differences Edit

Why not take 4 levels in PsyWar for Force Screen, Expansion, etc, instead of the levels in Fighter? Lose just one BAB (still got that third attack at level 20) and gain some good buffing powers. With 4 levels and Practiced Manifester, you can even become Huge size to increase both your strength and reach. Also, what do you need the Education feat for? And I think you could switch Great Cleave and the soulmeld on the progression, since the soulmeld isn't needed until later levels, while great cleave can be useful at lower levels. --Ghostwheel 07:24, September 13, 2009 (UTC)

The purpose of Education is to have Knowledge: Planes as class skill, so you can enter Hellfire Warlock as soon as possible. The build is every skill starved, and without Education you'll have to wait until 15th level for Hellfire Warlock. It is possible to go without it, but then you'll have to switch a couple more levels of warlock and hellfire warlock around.
As for the Fighter Levels, Fighter 4 is required for Weapon Specialization, which is in turn required for Melee Weapon Mastery (if this was changed somewhere, let me know). So you'll lose more than just one BAB with Psychic Warrior. Also, with a wisdom score of 11, the build would only have 5 power points at level 20, not enough to expand to Huge size. The build can already grow to Large through Enlarge Person, the 1st level strength domain spell.
I can see switching Strongheart Vest and Great Cleave around, since you don't really need the meld at that low level, it is just useful. --SiraLinari 05:30, September 14, 2009 (UTC)
Your skill limit remains equal to HD + 3 even though you multiclass out of Warlock, and you can raise it to 12 when you take the first level of Fighter (or switch it so Warlock is taken at level 9, and you can buy the points as a class skill). That help?
You could also switch around points, getting slightly higher wis at the cost of something else. Since you're Human you get +1 skill point, so you could take 2-3 points from Int and put it into Wis. Perhaps make a variant of it for people who want a bigger reach? --Ghostwheel 05:35, September 14, 2009 (UTC)

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