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Initial UploadEdit

So, it isn't quite finished yet, but I figured I'd upload it so that I could comment about it and hopefully get some input back. So, get this party started with...

HD Features by Type for Paragons: Argh, what a nuisance when designing a class, having HD type, attack, saves and skill amounts pre-established. I'd like to stay true to the initial design philosophy of Racial Paragon classes, but... I'll probably have to gimp back a save and skills a bit, if not boost HD to d10 (that's not a concern for me at the moment though).

The class features aren't worded as solidly as I would like, nor are they as good as I would hope for... and basically none of them have flavor attached yet. That will come.

I would also like to get some input on the level-appropriateness/enjoyment of use/usability on the class abilities.

Beyond that, does this seem like something that a player might want to add to his character build or play because it seems effective and interesting? --Ganteka Future 04:48, February 27, 2010 (UTC)

To my mind, this fits the grisly warrior more than the typical dwarf, plus he likes to party and gets a bonus for it, so fun! --Be well 12:17, March 4, 2010 (UTC)


Alright, tentative completion, a good place to be at. A few notes:

  • I scaled back outsider skills to 4/level instead of 8/level. It felt like too much, and while this makes it less attractive as a skillful race/class, I prefer this option over scaling back saves (since I couldn't pick one there either, and of them dropping back Reflex would probably eliminate Dex-based paragons as an option). Without going into a whole "pick two saves to be good" sorta thing, I'm going with this for now.
  • Greater Morale might be a bit hazy as far as rules are concerned. If anyone finds a loophole/problem, let me know.
  • Ysgardian Virtue is supposed to scale up into "practically an automatic success" range. It was originally an immunity. This keeps it low-level viable as well as open to the possible deity-level or epic-effects needed to hose the party over via DM counter/ DM dickery.
  • Astral Stride and Longstrider. It kinda bugs me that two mobility features are on the same level. Oh well. Also, be glad it's not called "Astral Glide".
  • I still have yet to build an NPC, starting gear package and all that stuff. I will eventually.

I'm sure there was more, but I forget now. --Ganteka Future 00:51, March 6, 2010 (UTC)

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