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I have no idea if anybody is even paying attention to these pages anymore, but I recently discovered that there is functionally a Superior Disintegrate, which may be more desirable to some than Disintegrate as an Immediate action.

It's called Dissolution, is a 9th level Psionic power, and was published only in the oft-totally-ignored-for-good-reason Psionics Handbook of 3.0 infamy. Though Expanded Psionics Handbook came out and redid the psionics system itself, the power was never reprinted and is thus still game-legal. It's particularly super nasty, being a Fort-based Save or Die that works on inanimate objects, so Constructs and Undead aren't immune. A successful save reduces the damage to a mere 10d10, and if used against an inanimate object it disintegrates a 50' cube of matter.

PS: Alternatively, bump Immediate Disintegrate down to replace Summon Golem and put Dissolution in the last slot, if you're really gunning for a hyper-offensive character for whom summoning is thematically inappropriate. 02:11, July 17, 2014 (UTC)Kahzei

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