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RatedExcellent Rithaniel's Favor
This article has been favored and rated Excellent by Rithaniel, for the following reasons: Pain and simply, this creature is quite terrifying. The idea's that have gone into it are creepy, and the things that it can do, are unsettling. When I read the stats for this guy, the first thing that flashed into my mind was a mental image of a devourer demon who had assimilated a choker, and who waltzed into battle, to immediately summon 1d6 Vrocks without fail, move, and attack. This, for an instant, made me think that this was simply too powerful, but then I looked at the stats, and saw that it wasn't particularly capable of defending itself, what with it's low AC, and average hp. So, all in all, this creature is a fascinating curveball, and I would love to toss it at my players sometime. Favored.

RatedGood Jota II's Favor
This article has been favored and rated Good by Jota II, for the following reasons: As I was scrolling through the statistics I found myself fairly unimpressed by the actual numbers given the listed CR, though as I read further the given abilities more than make up for that. The only thing I'm not particularly fond of is the puzzle-monster aspect that this has with regard to the assimilate ability (needing very specific spells, most of which can hardly be considered staples), but otherwise this looks pretty darn good.

Question Edit

If the devourer demon were to teleport with an assimilated creature, would that count as part of the self, or against the 50 pounds of equipment? -- Jota 18:53, February 11, 2010 (UTC)

That is a good question, and I haven't actually considered that. On one hand I would like to say that 'yes, the assimilated creature counts as the self', but on the other hand, assimilating somebody and teleporting away is a rather cheesy tactic.
In response to your favour comment, I am not 100% happy about the way the assimilate ability works myself. It will likely be subject to later modification in order to make the creature altogether more workable as an encounter. --Sulacu 19:03, February 11, 2010 (UTC)

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