Why This Fails Edit

This feat has really given me a tough time, so, I might as well start with why it was made. The purpose of the feat was to allow valid rules surrounding some special treasure items I had added into my campaign. Reasons for valid rules range from keeping with wealth by level as well as "what if they want to sell it for a fair price". The feat, while intended for off-screen NPC use, rather than PC use, still needed to be usable because obviously, PCs take feats.

So, that brings me to my three main conundrums: Balance, price and duration. As this allows for multiple spell effects to be triggered by anyone, its quite a boon (even as those spells are limited to the choices of potions). Now, I don't mention oils, but I suppose I should, as well as not mixing the two. Price and duration are gonna be tricky. To make it usable at key levels, the current listed price for Golognorg (3.5e Equipment) is 13,500, at 15th level, of the roughly 88,000 someone has on hand at that level, that's a sizable chunk of his income to spend on a one shot item. Golognorg also brings up the problems with duration. That is, the three main components of the archpotion all have a higher duration (and the spells were balanced with that duration in mind) than the duration of rage. Golognorg then allows the imbiber to rage for a solid 6 minutes, but loses out on what could have been an additional 9 rounds for the other spells. This additionally throws balance out of whack.

Bah, I'm gonna have to rethink this entire thing. I like the idea of having potions with multiple components, but alas, I have failed at the execution of it. The feat, it is ruined. --Ganteka Future 16:48, September 11, 2009 (UTC)

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