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This article has not been favored by Tarkisflux, for the following reasons: This book may be completely transcribed, but that doesn't make it complete. There are lots of good ideas in here, but many of them end mid-thought or simply aren't worked into a larger whole. That means there are lots of places where you'll have to do most of the work yourself. It's definitely worth a read, but it doesn't get any points from me.

Like a Reverse Scrmbled Egg Edit

Frank and K, you are an excellent game rules mechanic and presented some great ideas that could in turn become a new game on its own. But some of the ideas and references you used are absolute crap! In the Dungeonomicon you cited Communism as a shinning example of humanity and, most laughable of all, the econamic ideal. What is this whole back-ass-wards thought process you use?

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