Possible Builds that use Bond of MurderEdit

Jak Zulgar the Cult Leader — Jak forms a cult. The initiation rites are as follows: A cripple hits you fifteen times with a stick. Then if you're still conscious, Jak slits your throat in a very ritualistic fashion, and raises you back from the dead. Now you're a member of his cult, and he can keep you brainwashed by continuous exhortations directly into your brain.

Gorgo the Vengeful — Gorgo is a rather annoying rich kid who tends to pick fights he can't handle. If you rise to the bait, you'll probably kill him. When he comes back to life, he'll continuously annoy you until you give up and die.

Bodrak the Tormenter — Bodrak is an assassin of the most feared variety. After he kills you, he'll hunt you down in whatever afterlife you reside, taunting you just often enough to make you very uncomfortable, before killing your spirit.

Prildak the Paladin — Prildak believes in redemption, so after he's killed you for your evil deeds, he'll give you therapy for years before deciding that you are truly sorry for your sins and bringing you back to life.

Now don't those sound pleasant? --Foxwarrior 21:18, July 23, 2010 (UTC)

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