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Nice class! I really like it's flavor and it makes a good melee class that play the role of the barbarian while not relying in rage-like abilities.

I exchanged the Stand Still description by a link to the actual feat in the SRD, for the sake of formatting standards (I hope you don't mind). I also have some suggestions to make:

The critical hit abilities should increse with multipliers (i.e. 4 points of damage if x3, 6 points of damage if x4...), as the critical hit dependant magic weapons (Icy Burst). This is not only mechanically logical, as also flavorful, making the Juggernaut take benefit from an axe rather than from a saber or a dagger (I really don't see this class wearing them, but they have 18-20 threat range...). The other thing is that the frightful presence feature should scale with levels, making it affect only creatures with less HD than the Juggernaut, and panick creatures with less than 1/4 of his HD. That way, the ability would improve with epic levels rather than get useless after level 25 or so, which would be pity, being a 20th level feature.--ElfsMaster 18:03, February 11, 2010 (UTC)

Hmm, those are some great ideas, and I not only dont mind you replacing the description with the link, but I appreciate it, I wasnt aware that the SRD feat existed here, had I known, I might have done that myself. As far as the multiplier changes and the frightful presence changes, I do like those and I'll change the class accordingly on Monday when I have my next day off. Thank you for your interest in my class Elf and I appreciate your efforts to make it better! :)

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