RatedGood TK-Squared's Favor
This article has been favored and rated Good by TK-Squared, for the following reasons: 'cause I like it. While I'm sure an expanded reason may be wanted or a break down of the specific things that are 'good' about this class and why it's not 'excellent', or whatever the next level of favour is, all I can explain to the reader is that the class embodies good principles of Wizard-esque powers, while not going overboard. It also does better at the whole necromancy thing than any other necromancer prestige class already out there; which outright suck anyway.

RatedExcellent Ganteka Future's Favor
This article has been favored and rated Excellent by Ganteka Future, for the following reasons: Nice fluff, well written. Straightforward class. Semi-transformative in nature, so, it should maintain its appeal to most players who get turned off. Really, this is lich-esque material here (in spirit). Lending toward still being what the character was before, and adding to it. So, its powerful of course, but none of the powers exceed beyond what would be expected of a wizard anyhow. Spell per day limited class abilities are nice for filling out the flavor (so the character doesn't have to rely on stored spells for such things). Of course, judging the effectiveness of a class by reading it is difficult, but everything appears to be in order. However, it really doesn't bring anything exiting or fancy to the table that will really draw someone in for a play (which doesn't feel like the intention here anyhow). So, a bit of a close call for me, but in the end, nice work.

RatedExcellent DanielDraco's Favor
This article has been favored and rated Excellent by DanielDraco, for the following reasons: Mechanically, this is a pretty good class. It makes necromancy quite a bit more viable than it normally is, although I feel it could do a little more to that end if it wants to put an undead-centric character on par with other sorts of spellcaster. However, it certainly isn't weaker than a wizard, so it hits its balance point adequately. What really propels this page to excellency is the fact that it's absolutely dripping with flavor; this class is excellently described, and leaves a perfect mental image of what a Baron of the Grave is supposed to be. For that reason, this article is certainly notable enough to be "excellent".

RatedExcellent Tarkisflux's Favor

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