Okay, so I wanted to play this class in a campaign and two people who are famous for creating ridiculous builds using wizards-approved content tried to argue this class down as WAY overpowered. Any thoughts from devs or professional DMs on this?

Here is what the class already nerfs for the limited and narrow-focus arcane abilities: 1) Damage Dice 2) Base Attack Bonus 3) Fort Save

Here is what my 'reasonable' table suggested to make this 'playable': 1) Change Strength-based magic casting to Willpower

   *Ignoring the fact this class is basing arcane off Sorceror model (which is      CHA), and ignoring that psionics are allowed to source from EVERY stat in the game, I accepted this change without comment. 

2) Drop dimensional door because it's "overpowered" (although they were fine with Cone of Cold and Lightning Bolt, which, honestly, are the two spells I would examine for "switch outs").

   *I'm fine with that, but why is dimensional door overpowered when this class already has prime targets like Evocation?

3) Oh yeah, also drop Thunderstruck, because they said this class is so overpowered just by looking at it, that it deserves as a class penalty: "Every time you use this class's abilities, you provoke an Attack of Opportunity.".

  *This is what ticked me off. If you drop this ability, the class is now unplayable. They tried to tell me that "It's fair game to accept AoOs every time you roll the dice with this character because that's what you get for trying to combine melee with magic. That's just the consequences of the concept." Oh yeah, they also agreed that this penalty is balanced because "You're a monk, it's not like the AoOs are going to hit very often."
   *This nerf was enforced because the class has access to Harm near the end of the development tree, which they are saying is "broken". Although a standard Lvl20 cleric can cast Harm a minimum of 20x a day if they so chose, or even 16 Harms and 4 Disintegrates depending on the domain use.

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