Formatting Update Edit

I'd be willing to help out in updating some of the formatting and such for your pages, Eiji. Linking in the Racial Traits section would be nice. Let me know if you want some of that action and I'll try to get to it when I have a spare bit of time here and there. I know it's not your favorite thing. --Ganteka Future 05:23, November 24, 2009 (UTC)

Favor Edit

RatedGood Ganteka Future's Favor
This article has been favored and rated Good by Ganteka Future, for the following reasons: Good race. Thought out, but lacking in a few areas (Alignment and Language in particular) and it feels like it could be expanded upon in tasty detail. While I wouldn't let formatting hold back a good article (or lack of a picture), I will mention that every little bit helps. As is, its solid, and warrants a favor

LogoRoughCrest DanielDraco's Favor
This article has not been favored by DanielDraco, for the following reasons: Honestly, I am underwhelmed. The flavor isn't fleshed out very well (so far as I can tell, they're just kobolds from another country who like to work out) and the mechanical bits of the race are pretty weak. It's certainly better-balanced with standard races than a normal kobold, but it still has a ways to go. Not bad per se, but really not noteworthy.

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